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About Favouritetable

In 2010, our founder and CEO Jaipal was enjoying a meal in a restaurant and began chatting with the owner. Jaipal was horrified at the cost of the restaurant's booking system and as a passionate technology developer he had an idea. Returning to his desk, Jaipal quickly developed a better, web-based and more cost-effective solution. That product became favouritetable.

Since those early days, the company has grown considerably with its software now used by a huge diversity of restaurants, pubs and cafe bars.

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Favouritetable is a restaurant management and dining system which covers the A to Z of restaurant operations, from taking bookings online to managing capacity, payments, table planning, marketing and a host of other mission-critical features.

Innovation has been at the heart of favouritetable since its inception and we’re driven by two major factors: we love contemporary technology and our customers always demand the very best. It is so important to us that we constantly stay ahead and give customers functionality which not only makes lives easier but does it in an intuitive and friendly way.

Because we're an established UK-based company which is passionate about restaurants, our customers are extremely loyal. We pride ourselves on the quality of not just our software, but our relationship with our family of users and the quality of the support given. With favouritetable, customers are never alone and we never charge commission.

That's why we are regarded as providing the best value full-function restaurant software on the market.

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