Online Restaurant Reservation System

Organise and manage your reservations flawlessly.

With Favouritetable's online restaurant reservation system, there'll be no more spreadsheets, text documents or lost paperwork - just beautifully smooth behind-the-scenes processes which you'll never be without again.
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Restaurant reservation system
Restaurant reservation system

We're more than just software, we're your critical friend.

How often have you wished you could handle your reservations better but and at an affordable price? Favouritetable is the system which does more than just store information – it will proactively help you make better operational decisions, seat more diners, improve customer satisfaction and improve your bottom line. It's more than software, it's your critical friend.

Powering perfect reservations.

As a restaurant owner or manager, you want to handle your reservations flawlessly. With Favouritetable, you will.

Maximises your dining room
Puts you in total control
Gives you back your time
Significantly reduces reservation errors
Delivers pin-point accuracy from start to finish
Creates delighted customers

Just look at what you get with Favouritetable.

The Favouritetable Reservations System is a complete package of restaurant-proven tools designed as the bedrock of your entire reservations management. It doesn't just digitise and automate your existing processes, it brings new functionality to your restaurant that you'll never want to be without again.

Booking diary

Manage all of your reservations in one place - anytime, anywhere. There are no power-hungry apps to download, all you need is an internet connection to swiftly and seamlessly manage new and existing bookings


Table management

Every empty seat represents a lost revenue opportunity for your restaurant. Favouritetable's cutting-edge table management module will help you optimise your table usage, turn time and efficiency whilst allowing you to make better decisions


Floor plan

With an easy-to-use floor plan, you'll manage your flow of bookings with ease, ensuring your team makes smarter decisions for walk-ins and waiting customers - reducing the possibility of human-error


More ways to manage reservations than any other system, at a fraction of the price.

Favouritetable helps your money go further by providing more functionality than expensive do-little systems. Not only do subscribers get top-level features to better manage their diaries, floor space, customer information and tables, there are a huge range of included tools to make their reservations management run like clockwork.


Optimise your spaces to handle more reservation


Schedule your time slots with precision, to maximise covers


Manage your space assets perfectly


Combine perfect scheduling with table availability, to fill your restaurant efficiently


Provide a seamless and error-free dining experience

3 simple steps to growing your business with Favouritetable.

With Favouritetable's Reservations System, it is so easy to start benefiting immediately. The advanced software requires no download or installation, is simple to configure and begins optimizing your restaurant right away so you're primed for growth.


It takes less than 10 minutes to configure our online management system, so you can take advantage of the many powerful features immediately, anywhere, anytime and on any device.


Once your restaurant is set-up you can begin to utilise our modular platform and explore the functionality, optimising each area to your liking, from the menu to waiting list, diary rules, table management and analytics.


The restaurant management system is more than a place to handle your daily bookings with ease. It is thoughtfully designed to help your restaurant grow and thrive in a competitive marketplace.

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Deliver the perfect dining experience for your customers.

Favouritetable's Online Restaurant Reservation System is the hidden power behind perfect guest experiences before, during and after the diners' reservation.

It is deigned to leave nothing to chance and manages your spaces, places and vital reservation details so that guests are not just delighted but become your best advocates forever.

With a Favouritetable reservation, customers will experience world-class organisation and competitor-beating attention to detail, sure to be remembered forever.

At Favouritetable, relationships mean everything.

Favouritetable's Reservation Management System is part of an integrated suite of software products built by an established company which listens and cares. As a subscriber, you'll join a world of partner-centric support delivered by a caring UK-based hospitality software specialist.


World-class training & support


UK - based


Telephone, email, in-line chat, social media


Knowledgebase and documents


Online and on-site training


Bespoke and turn-key models for groups


Auditable and traceable support history to granular level


Pre and post go-live project planning to client’s requirements


Dedicated account managers

Join the complete universe of restaurant tech


Increase efficiency


Maximise margins


Reduce errors


Eliminate paperwork


Reduce costs


Manage better


Thrill guests


Get started with our award winning commission-free plans

Frequently asked questions

Yes, there's no booking commission with the Online Restaurant Reservation System. You pay a low monthly subscription for the system as a whole, so there are never any worries about unexpected bills.

The Favouritetable Restaurant Reservation System comes in two parts. You get a beautifully-designed online booking portal for your website, and a suite of behind-the-scenes tools to manage those bookings.

Favouritetable allows customers to browse your availability in real time and make a booking there and then. The booking is then sent automatically to your Favouritetable system, availability updated and then the online portal amended. It is a continuous cycle.

Absolutely not, in fact Favouritetable will eliminate double bookings because it works in real time.

Yes. The Favouritetable Restaurant Reservation System allows you to take deposits at the time of booking, or even full payment. The money goes straight to your bank account.

Yes, of course. With the Favouritetable Online Restaurant Reservation System you are in control. You can configure the system so that bookings can only be made if they fit a specific criteria.

Yes, it is online software so it works on any web-enabled device such as laptop, smartphone, desktop PC, tablet and even POS terminals. It is also fully IoS compatible. work on any device?

Don't worry, your data is safe with us. The Online Restaurant Reservation System comes with a complimentary companion app, available for iOS or Android phone devices which enables you to perform basic functions even if the internet goes down.