Restaurant Pre-Order and Party Booking System

Rediscover the joy of menu pre-orders

Supercharge your menu pre-ordering and eliminate manual processing forever with favouritetable’s pre-order and party booking system. It’s the system you always promised yourself.

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Restaurant pre order system
Party Booking System

Favouritetable's solution delivers smooth, seamless and worry-free group and party bookings in one integrated package.

Menu pre-ordering is a dream come true

Favouritetable combines a range of proven tools designed to delight owners and customers of restaurants, bars and pubs by automating processes, eliminating messy paperwork and significantly increasing efficiencies. By using our personalised online portal, the customer is able to plan their event and menu choices before submitting them electronically to the Favouritetable reservation system. There’s no more chasing customers’ selections or deposits or payments, so you can rediscover the joy of online pre-ordering the way it should be.


Designed for restaurateurs. Loved by party organisers.

At the heart of the menu pre-ordering module is an easy-to-use personal online portal for the party organiser. From there they can manage their guests' menu choices in their own time, at their own pace. Additions and amendments are sent in real time to the restaurant's Favouritetable Reservation System so there are never any errors or lost details.

Just look what you get with favouritetable

We've designed the best-in-class tool to redefine how your restaurant manages menu pre-ordering. By re-engineering the traditional manual menu pre-ordering process and utilising powerful online technology, we've eradicated pinch-points and created an environment where you will once again love dealing with party bookings. Once you've tried it, you'll never go back - it is the pre-order and party booking system you always promised yourself.

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A perfect on-the-day experience

The Favouritetable pre-ordering experience doesn't stop after making a booking, it's designed to deliver perfectly organised group and party bookings on the day. Automatically create place cards to welcome guests and reduce turnaround time; use system-generated chef sheets for complete brigade control and ensure diners receive exactly what they ordered.

Part of a fully integrated restaurant management system

With the right restaurant pre-order system you can reach more diners, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. We believe restaurants need a complete range of management tools - all in one highly flexible system. That’s why Online Booking is one of the three key pillars of a Favouritetable subscription, which also comprises the Reservation System, and full, caring support.

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