Tips for restaurant software migration

At some point in the life of a restaurant, pub, bar or café, its owners will want to change its restaurant management software. The reasons could be many, from wanting better functionality to better value and no unfair commission charges. With a great selection of products on the market, migrating to a new system should be a breeze but it is always worth avoiding an ad-hoc, on-the-fly approach if ... read more

Party booking dread and how to avoid it

Group or party bookings are a real paradox for most restaurant, pub, bar or café owners. On the one hand, they are the big wins and a golden ticket to big profits; on the other – and after the euphoria of confirming a big win has died down – they can become a real headache to deal with and a sense of dread can set in.In this short blog, we suggest some ideas for ensuring your party bookings go off... read more

Six inspirational restaurant quotes

Here in the UK, we have just enjoyed three national holidays in quick succession (albeit without the expected pleasant weather). Downtime is always a good time for reflection, so for this week's blog we thought we would bounce back to work with our favourite restauranteur quotes. If you're a restaurant owner who's been flat-out throughout the bank holidays and needs some inspiration to do it all a... read more

5 Ways to speed up restaurant service

Most things become slower over time - your FT blogger's knees included - as what were once paragons of efficiency become a little creaky. If service speed is becoming an issue in your restaurant but you're struggling to understand why, you're in luck. In this short blog we look a number of exercises to restore your restaurant's vitality, but without a gym session in sight.Forecast traffic and plan... read more

5 errors which eat restaurant profits

We’re passionate about restaurants and our founder, Jaipal, started Favouritetable in response to his local restaurant owner losing profits due to what he saw as unavoidable cost. Restaurants are businesses just like any other and the first rule of commerce is to make a financial surplus, period.In this short blog we highlight some areas causing a restaurant’s profits to leak away, or not be what ... read more

Five tips for effective menu pricing

Pricing. The simplest thing in the world, right? Simply decide what to charge and you’re done. Well, in reality pricing isn’t that easy if it is to contribute to a healthy margin and bottom line profit. Many restaurants have employed a variety of tactics which ensure their prices are not just geared to the customer, but play a critical and well-thought through role in increasing financial health t... read more

Five Tips for Restaurants Battling No-show Culture

Despite the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions UK restaurants are facing a growing threat from ‘no-shows’ in an environment where consumer spending on hospitality remains at less than 70% of pre-pandemic levels, says Jaipal Yadav, managing director of hospitality software business, Favouritetable.He explains: “Despite the repeated pleas of owners, thousands of diners still cancel reservations at the... read more

Five outdoor dining tips

With the UK weather finally announcing the arrival of Spring, thoughts among restaurant owners inevitably turn to offering outdoor dining. For those businesses with the luxury of outside space, it’s a great way to bring in more customers (particularly those concerned about enclosed spaces) and increase revenue. Here are five top tips for providing a great outdoor customer experience.WI-FIIt’s summ... read more

New developments - a teaser!

When Jaipal started Favouritetable back in 2010, he had two things in mind: value and innovation. In those days restaurants could choose from a number of rather clunky solutions which were very expensive and, being a great programmer as well as MD, Jaipal decided that restaurants deserved better.The rest is history and Favouritetable firmly established itself as the best value full-feature restaur... read more

Five essentials for restaurant software

The software market is extremely buoyant in 2022 and it is an exciting place to be for companies like Favouritetable. The great thing about software is that its development never stops, driven by the demands of diners feeding through to restaurateurs and therefore to us. Software starts with a great product which does the basics, then evolves into a beautiful array of inter-linked functionality de... read more

What’s changed in restaurant management software?

What’s changed in restaurant management software? Well quite a lot, as it happens. Our team at favouritetable recently found itself having an interesting water-cooler moment and concluded that, actually, change is constant and is what excites us most. There were just too many anecdotes and views discussed to list in this short blog, but we did manage to agree three main points to share.What do you... read more

When is a booking not a booking?

Despite the rise of online booking for restaurant customers, many still prefer to telephone the restaurant to reserve their table. Being a friendly bunch, restaurateurs have gotten used to customers wanting a quick chat followed by questions like “have you got room on the 5th Jan at 6pm, for six people?”  . The answer is usually along the lines of “hmmm. Let me have a look…”, whereupon the restaur... read more

We love new customers!

Restaurant owners all love their regular customers, don’t they? Returning customers are the coveted bedrock of cafes, pubs, bars and eateries the world over, because that’s what hospitality is all about – creating a delivering a wonderful experience which customers just can’t get enough of. Plus, of course, there’s the obvious business benefit of repeat customers: solid, reliable income; no cost o... read more

What might overseas tourists want in 2022?

It has been a topsy-turvy couple of years for restaurants as the pandemic has bitten deep and deprived many of inbound tourists eager to try British cuisine. According to VisitBritain, the numbers of visitors from overseas in 2022 will be circa 24m, a reduction of 59% on pre-Covid levels. Similarly spending will be reduced by around 67% to £19.2B.Clearly, 2022 will be a challenging year for restau... read more

3 ways to bin the throw-way booking culture

With the restaurant sector in a state of flux, stifled by ever-changing rules and unpredictable consumer behaviour, it is no wonder that restaurateurs find themselves frustrated or worse, out of pocket. Not only are they now looking for new ways to win business by expanding their product offer, opening new sales channels and innovating their menus, they have to cope with the double whammy of incre... read more

10 Restaurant trends in 2022

While some restaurants have managed to thrive during the pandemic, a large proportion have had time to think about new approaches to their business. Likewise, customers have also used this period to change their expectations. In this short blog, we look at some business-driven and consumer-driven trends we're likely to see in 2022.Ingredients - all change. Rising costs within the supply chain are ... read more

5 Ways to Reassure Customers

Despite the current anxiety among would-be restaurant diners, their desire to enjoy great hospitality, food and drink in their favourite establishments remains strong. After all, the last two years have seen the erosion of leisure activities so despite their fears customers are still attracted to dining out. What has changed, however, is their understanding of risk and consequently a raising of th... read more

Awards all round in 2021

When we set up favouritetable back in 2010 one of our key beliefs was that our new business should be all about restaurateurs. We know that sounds predictable, but it’s true. Each and every day we get to work with the most fantastic customers and feel most at home hearing their stories. Those tales, anecdotes, good news and bad news are vital for us, because - ultimately - they inform our product ... read more

Omicron: Time for a restaurant re-boot?

The arrival of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 has hailed a return to stark newspaper headlines and further lows for an already battered hospitality industry trying to recover from previous lockdowns.As consumer confidence dips once again and dining out becomes a feared rather than favoured activity, restaurateurs are set to lose money from cancelled bookings and a lack of seated trade. If that as... read more

Success tips for pubs with restaurants

Where would the UK be without pubs? They have been the backbone of communities for decades and provide a warm, friendly environment where customers meet friends, chat, sample the beers and socialise in a very laid-back environment. They come in so many shapes and sizes, too, from traditional quirky village inns to modern chains in the centre of town. And that's the charm of pub culture: the sheer ... read more

Restaurant software: Cherished asset or forgotten hero?

Having new software is a wonderful feeling, isn't it? Everyone likes to get something new, for the thrill of new possibilities and the sense of progressing as an organisation. But what happens once the novelty has worn off and attentions turn to other things? In this short blog we discuss why restaurant management software is a financial asset needing to generate best value, and how to ensure that... read more

Generation Z - the profit boosters?

Born between 1997 and 2012, and making up one tenth of the 2020 electorate, it is highly likely that Generation Zs are not just the staff of tomorrow for restaurants, but of today. In this short blog, we explore how traditional inductions aren't suitable for Gen Zs and discuss how effective onboarding can help retain profits.The retention/profit equationLet's get this one out of the way first. Res... read more

How to make seasonal party bookings pop!

It's nearly that time of year again when we start to book festive functions. While customers look forward to their work parties at their favourite eateries, the Christmas period can be very stressful for restaurateurs. Managing time slots and planning menus, dealing with multiple bookings and all the time trying to make profit can seriously take the shine of what should be a pleasant few weeks.In ... read more

5 Essential marketing tips for restaurants

Running a restaurant is a hectic, often stressful vocation. Kitchens are hot, dining rooms frantic and the owner has to simultaneously manage the finances, health & safety, procurement and HR together with a host of other operations. It isn’t surprising, then that we often hear restaurateurs say “I just don’t have time for marketing”. In this short blog, we look at five essential marketing areas w... read more

Restaurant staff: your brand ambassadors

Without a strong brand, your restaurant is just a place where people come to eat and drink. Doesn't sound very exciting, does it? What sets your restaurant apart is your brand: it's what makes your restaurant unique and the vision customers desire. Every restaurant, pub, bar or cafe wants its customers to become advocates, but there is a whole group of individuals in prime position to evangelise y... read more

5 Basic errors that restaurants make

What makes a great restaurant? It is the best food, drink, ambience and overall experience offered. Unfortunately some restaurants possessing all of these qualities can, in the heat of the moment, forget the basics and sell themselves short of perfection.In this short blog we take a look at some of those areas. Poor serviceDiscerning customers expect a discrete yet attentive professional service c... read more

Is your restaurant stifled by processes?

To restaurant owners and managers, time is money. Every table represents an opportunity to make revenue, so restaurateurs carefully manage their turn-time to ensure tables are always occupied. It is an essential process within restaurants and they’re very good at it although it is just one of many processes they deal with every day.Unfortunately, some businesses can also be very good at creating a... read more

5 profit eroders

We all know that owning or managing a restaurant, pub or café bar is hard work. Very hard work. It is often frantic, extremely demanding and fast-paced, requiring multiple and often conflicting priorities to be juggled. Customers must be kept happy, staff engaged, inventories monitored, beautiful food created not to mention a plethora of red tape to manage. Once all of that is successfully done, h... read more

Benefits of online restaurant management systems

Restaurateurs who have been in the business for some time will have seen the arrival of many innovations, not all of which were a roaring success. In what is a uniquely chaotic environment, the idea of implementing software-based technology was often seen as just another fad. Not any more: software used for taking bookings, controlling inventory and scheduling tables has been around for some time,... read more

5 tips to reduce no-shows

According to a recent survey by UK POS company Zonal Retail Systems, one in seven customers who made a restaurant booking failed to honour it in the post lock-down period. As we know, restaurants are still in a fragile state following nearly two years of restricted operation and their owners struggling to get back on their feet. Legislation severely reduced venue capacity, leaving spending levels ... read more

Are restaurants being robbed?

Here at favouritetable we like to keep our weekly blogs upbeat and light hearted, because there is plenty to be downbeat about given the last sixteen months or so. Running a restaurant is a difficult profession at the best of times and as huge supporters of restaurateurs we do enjoy bringing our readers useful information, hints and tips together with the occasional conversation piece, as today.Th... read more

favouritetable - Our Story

Did we ever tell you how we got here? In this week's blog we'd like to tell a story. It all started with an unhappy restaurateurIn 2010, software programmer Jaipal Yadav was enjoying a meal in a restaurant and began chatting with the owner, who explained his booking system. Jaipal was horrified at the amount of money the restaurateur was spending on this system and how much of his profit it eroded... read more

6 considerations for restaurant software shoppers

Buying anything new for a restaurant, pub or café bar can be exciting and none more so than a booking, reservation or management system. However, with so much choice available to restaurateurs it can be difficult to decide which one to choose. In this week's blog, we provide six key areas to consider before parting with your cash.Customer retentionThe best restaurant software will not only make yo... read more

5 tips for effective web and social media restaurant pages

Owners and managers of restaurants, pubs and café bars have a lot on their plates these days, juggling the many demands on their time so giving some serious thought to what's on their web pages is something many just don't have time for. Thankfully, online pages across a range of platforms can be created quickly and easily, and with our five tips the job will be a breeze.WordsThey say a picture pa... read more

Time management for restaurateurs

When we think of resources and costs in our businesses, we usually think of the obvious: software, cash, epos systems, staff, suppliers, inventory, water, gas and advertising to name but a few. All of these things and more play primary roles in determining the efficiency of restaurants, while acting as critical contributing factors to the success of the business.One resource which is often overloo... read more

Marketing 101 for restaurants

Owners of restaurants, café bars and pubs usually need to consider marketing at some point, in an attempt to drum up trade. The great news is that you don't need a £multi-million budget to market your business really effectively, but it does need some thought and an understanding of the principles. In this short blog we look at the basics, dispel some urban myths and provide some tips designed to ... read more

Tips for hiring restaurant managers

It is always essential to retain your best staff, but sometimes the unforeseen happens and we have to re-recruit. Or maybe you are starting a cafe bar, pub or restaurant and hiring for the very first time.Finding the right restaurant manager for your business can be difficult and time consuming, even before the interview stage. The trick is to decide beforehand which key traits you will seek.Get i... read more

Steps to a greener restaurant - the business case

Restaurateurs who turn their attention to green issues clearly have a conscience and care deeply about their business's impact on the environment. In addition to feeling good about themselves, green restaurateurs will also experience some real business benefits.Customers will pay extraThere's growing evidence to suggest that today's diners also care about the environment and are more likely to buy... read more

5 Tips for opening a restaurant in 2021

After the year we've had, embarking on the launch of a new a restaurant, cafe bar or pub may seem the least favoured start-up option for entrepreneursHowever, many industry experts predict a bright future for the hospitality sector as pent-up demand among prospective diners gets ready to explode outwards. In many ways the pandemic has been a re-setter of norms, so punters can expect to see a raft ... read more

5 restaurant innovations your returning guests will want

All being well, Covid restrictions in England will end on 19th July with Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales following suit soon after. Among the recently announced changes affecting restaurants are the scrapping of QR-code sign-in, limits on social contact, the resumption of table and bar service together with no capacity restrictions.We think that's great for the restaurant and hospitality sect... read more

Five challenges to restaurants in 2021

Owning or running a restaurant is a very rewarding vocation during the good times. There's the opportunity for foodies to do what they love: delighting customers with great food and drink, to be part of the local community; to love being hospitable for a living. There's never a dull day in the restaurant sector - it is fast paced, exciting and if it all goes well, lucrative.That backdrop has creat... read more

Read what our customers say about us!

Want to know what restaurateurs think of favouritetable? Check out our reviews on Capterra, the world's premier software review platform.   favouritetable is the leading technology provider for food an drink businesses in the UK. For over a decade, favouritetable has provided world-class and easy-to-use systems to enable restaurants, pubs, bars and other businesses to maximise their revenue.Call u... read more

2 Steps to a greener restaurant

The previous blog in this series looked at how restaurants can help the planet and their business by evaluating the technology and behavioural changes available across food waste, energy efficiency, water use and by changing menus. In this part of the series we will look at two diverse areas: cleaning materials and the supply chain.Cleaning materialsCleanliness is a prerequisite of customers in th... read more

Behind-the-scenes of software development

Having worked with restaurants since 2010, we’ve been behind the scenes of many and seen some wonderful examples of innovation. We're always impressed by the way restaurant owners, managers, chefs and staff continually refresh their service models and menus to deliver a fantastic dining experience. In this short blog, we’re going to give an insight into our own world: software development. Come wi... read more

3 Steps to a greener restaurant

According to recent research, around 74% of Millennials and 72% of Generation Z consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products and services. That's great for restaurant, pub and café owners looking to attract new customers and minimise the business's impact on the planet.In the first of a number of blogs on sustainability, we look at three areas ripe for improvement: food waste, energy... read more

Get the best from your restaurant's website

In an era when social media is king, it would be easy for restaurant, pub and cafe owners to overlook the power of a great website. In truth restaurants probably generate a huge amount of trade from third party booking and referral sites, but the business’s own website will always be its spiritual online home. In a recent survey of consumers, 77% said they would visit a restaurant’s own website wh... read more

How to turn negative reviews into positive experiences

For restaurateurs, publicans and cafe-bar owners the internet is a great way to promote their businesses. In fact, the potential for extending their online reach has never been greater but with this comes the potential for negative and very visible reviews. In this short blog we will look at how to placate the disgruntled customer and actually generate more business from the experience.1. Deep div... read more

Make Every Customer Feel Special in 2021

The scene is set for cafes, restaurants and pubs in the UK. With re-opening target dates tantalising close, food and beverage establishments are looking forward to getting back to doing what they do best. Pent-up demand is likely to see a flood of hungry and thirsty customers at their doors, so business owners just have to open up and cater to the rush, right? Not quite.In what will be a super-com... read more

Restaurant and Pub Reopening Checklist

Restaurants, cafes and pubs look set to reopen for indoor diners in the coming days, so here’s our no-nonsense, quick-fire list of things to check before opening your doors.Latest newsBefore we get onto the checklist, let’s recap the current roadmap for pubs and restaurants across the UK:EnglandPubs with outdoor spaces were allowed to reopen in England on Monday 12 April.Rule of six in placeTable ... read more

No-shows – a fact of restaurant life?

If you have ever been to the movies, hired a car, attended a concert or taken a flight, the chances are you paid for the experience online at the time of booking it, or at the very least left a deposit. You did so willingly, to secure something you could look forward to in the future. If you then didn’t turn up for the event, you lost your money and took it on the chin. That's the way the world wo... read more

SaaS Software De-mystified

What is it with acronyms? We're quite fond of them here in the technology world, but we appreciate their meaning isn't always clear to restaurant and pub owners wanting to get on with the day job. So in this blog we are going to de-mystify one particular acronym you might have heard and give an overview of what lays beneath. So if the term “SaaS” makes you think of a crack military team abseiling ... read more

Beat the skills shortage!

The last year has been tough for the food & drink sector but thankfully things are starting to change. Pubs and restaurants now have a re-opening road map and there is huge pent up demand among the population for getting out and enjoying a meal or drink with friends. However, the past twelve months have seen such unprecedented change that publicans and restaurateurs may now be reviewing their staf... read more

Five Simple Ways to Engage Pub & Restaurant Customers

Five Simple Ways to Engage Restaurant GuestsFor years, restaurants and pubs have worn their hearts on their sleeves when it comes to customer engagement, winning and retaining customers by providing fantastic food, drink and a welcoming environment.  However, customers are now looking for a two way street in which they can feel connected with their favourite F&B brands.Here are five simple ways re... read more

18 Months for the price of 12!

18 months for the price of 12 Sign-up to a 12 month subscription to favouritetable and we'll give you an extra six months, absolutely free *Set-up fees waived You won't be charged our normal fee for setting up your new systemEasy-switch guarantee We're very experienced in migrating customers from other more expensive systems, so will have you up and running in no time. Restaurants in England will ... read more

Restaurant Technology - what's on your shopping list?

The nice thing for owners and managers of restaurants is that they can take whatever approach to technology they please, to suit what they want to achieve. Technology has always innovated in the sector, from the humble abacus through to paper notepads for ordering and early till systems. Today, the pace of change is relentlessly driven by customers' expectations and the drive for greater profitabi... read more

What diners will expect in 2021

After a very long wait, England is set for the return of customers to restaurants and pubs on April 12th. Granted, things won't be quite the same as before due to the outside-only rule and limits of six people per table, but most F&B businesses are just itching for the big day. Customers have been longing to get back to their favourite establishments, but with so much time at home, have their dema... read more

Tips for choosing your restaurant software

Times are difficult for restaurants and f&b-oriented businesses right now, with many owners looking for new products, ways of working, services, markets and tools in order to maximise their opportunities. When it comes to technology, there's little doubt that modern systems and customer-centric products are the way to go, but the plethora of apps, booking systems and software on the market can som... read more

Five ways restaurants can adapt to new norms

In an ever-changing world, norms have changed and new norms have emerged. The way we deal with diners and their expectations are radically different from what we have previously delivered, while we have had to quickly absorb and implement government-measures which appear at odds with running a successful restaurant. You don’t need us to tell you this: times are tough.Happily, there are some positi... read more

Is your restaurant ready for party bookings?

With the current Covid-19 restrictions upon us, the coming festive season will go a long way towards providing restaurants with much needed income. It looks like parties will have to be much smaller this year, but that does not mean that guests cannot enjoy the spirit of Christmas in their favourite restaurant. <iframe src=" read more

Helping restaurant owners manage Covid-19 efficiently

With Covid-19 guidelines changing frequently - and it looks like going into the winter flu season there may be more stringent restrictions coming into force – it is of paramount importance that restaurants be able to easily manage social distancing rules and how they communicate to their guests how they expect them to behave once arriving at the premises and what is in place to make the restaurant... read more

How to Win Customers for Your Restaurants Post COVID 19?

The outbreak of Covid19 worldwide has not only threatened our lives, but it has also changed the way we live. Right from stepping outside the house to ordering food from a restaurant, everything has been changed. The pandemic has impacted almost all the major industries in the world including the food and restaurant industry. People have stopped ordering or eating outside due to the fear of the... read more

5 Ideas For a Healthy Restaurant Growth Post COVID 19

We are in 2020 and the outbreak of Covid19 has changed everything, including our lifestyle. Social distancing and home quarantine have become the new normal for people all over the world. All this has forced the countries to change their laws to adapt to the current situation. Coronavirus not only has a deadly effect on our health, but it has also ruined the world economy. Almost all the indust... read more

Pizza –the favourite food in the UK and the World

Pizza is undoubtedly one of the most favourite food in the world and in the UK. When an average Brit can munch through approximately 6,000 slices of pizza in a lifetime, we can safely say that it is one of their favourite food.   Image from VoucherCodes Here is another interesting statistic which shows how much Brits love their pizza.  Of course, we have a rough idea of the origin of pizza, somewh... read more

Starter SEO Tips for Restaurants

So, you have now done all the hard work of setting up your restaurant, hiring the staff and the décor looks fantastic. You have also created a website to showcase your awesome menu. But how do you get people to come on your website and then to your restaurant? How can you get connected to the customers who are looking for you?  Research shows that 89% of smartphone owners have immediate p... read more

Let your customers do the marketing for your Restaurant 

Your customers are a potent marketing vehicle for your restaurant if you can get them to talk about your restaurant to their family and friends. According to Nielson 92% of people trust recommendations from family and friend than any other form of advertising.   Since Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is essentially free marketing for you, it is useful to create a strategy as part of your mark... read more


Species have a significant role in Asian countries like India, China, Indonesia, etc. India even in ancient time was very popular around the world for spices and many traders visited India just because of spices. Spices are basically vegetables in concentrated form. Similar to veggies, they contain thousands of healthy phytonutrient compounds, including antioxidants. There are 100s types of spices... read more


Recent studies revealed that 78% of consumers appreciate management when they respond to their reviews. Other studies suggest 9 out 10 buyers see an online review before making any decision. As per Cone research, 4 out of 5 customers reverse their decision after reading a negative review. In this article, we will talk about why you should respond to reviews? Respond to Positive review In gen... read more

7 Reasons why every Restaurant needs a cloud-based Reservation System.

A recent Maru/edr survey, found that 49% of diners will go online before they visit a restaurant. So, what can the restaurant business do to get the attention of around half of their customers who are visiting sites before they have even stepped foot in a restaurant?  The two principle reasons for the customers to go online are to check out menus and to book a table – and capturing those re... read more

Marketing Hacks for running a Restaurant: Customer Segmentation

Running a profitable restaurant takes a lot of hard work. After creating a fantastic product with a lot of thought gone into the recipe and presentation of the food, it is now time to bring your product to the right customers.  Reaching the right customers and then persuading them to visit your restaurant again and again, is a growing challenge. With so many choices for the customers, how w... read more

5 steps guide to increase positive online reviews for restaurant

Online reviews are very basic but strategically very important for both sellers and buyers. Generally, sellers look at reviews of the products and services before they make their decision which means reviews have abilities to influence buying behaviours, especially with restaurants. However, reviews are more important for restaurants because if guests are not happy with one thing i.e. service or f... read more

Your move to Favouritetable will be as easy as 1,2,3…

Over the years, 50% of our clients have moved to our booking system from software that they have been using for many years. So, we have developed a process to make the move as smooth and easy for the customers as possible. It just takes 3 steps…   We usually have a demo of our software where we answer all your questions. When you are completely convinced that is the right Table Booking Syste... read more

Why Online Table Booking Software is essential to your Restaurant success?

In this article, we will explore why an Online Table Booking Software is essential for any successful restaurant regardless of its size. The system can change the business process and customers’ buying behaviours.    There are many reasons to have an Online Table Booking Software here are five of the most important reasons “Why an Online Table Booking Software is essential for your successfu... read more