Awards all round in 2021

by John Jones | Dec 25, 2021

When we set up favouritetable back in 2010 one of our key beliefs was that our new business should be all about restaurateurs. We know that sounds predictable, but it’s true. 

Each and every day we get to work with the most fantastic customers and feel most at home hearing their stories. Those tales, anecdotes, good news and bad news are vital for us, because - ultimately - they inform our product and so there’s a little of each customer in our software's DNA.

We’re never happier than when our customers are recognised, by accolades and awards, for their innovation, inventiveness and particularly in recent times, their sheer doggedness. That so many restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs have not only hung on determinedly but done so with a spirit of determination and optimism is cause enough to award the whole sector. We take our hats off to food & beverage business owners, who, in the face of adversity, continue to provide warm hospitality to a hungry and thirsty public.

Speaking of awards and accolades, will you forgive us for a little self-indulgence? This year has been one like no other but we have continued to welcome into the family significant volumes of new customers attracted by contemporary software backed with meaningful customer service. 

In a software world where customers can just as easily move on to a new product if they don’t like what they’ve signed up to, we experience incredibly low levels of customer churn. favouritetable customers tend to stay with us for a long time, and we’re delighted to share with you some of our highlights:


  •  A Five Star rating on international software review site Capterra.  
  • 2021 saw favouritetable presented with the Global Business Insight award for the Most Innovative Online Hospitality Reservation Platform. The Global Business Insight Awards celebrate business leadership, innovation in finance and investment and sector success across all seven continents of the world;

During the past twelve months, favouritetable featured in a number of key consumer-driven surveys of sector-specific software:

  • Listed in the Business of Shopping  38 Best United Kingdom Consumer Review Startups and Companies
  • Gained a top place in Restaurant Property’s list of the 7 Best Restaurant Booking Platforms worldwide
  • Featured in the Simply Business Top Online Restaurant Reservations Systems list
  • Listed in Small Business’s compilation of the Best Restaurant Booking Systems for Small Businesses
  • Number one in Techshim’s round-up of The 5 Best Restaurant Reservation Softwares.


Thank you to all of our customers for supporting us, and to the industry as a whole for inspiring us.

The team at favouritetable wish you all a great Christmas and a prosperous 2022.