Favouritetable & Delieverect: Innovation in action

by John Jones | Jul 15, 2022

A recent interview with the UK's Eat.Drink.Sleep magazine featured our Managing Director Jaipal Yadav talking about innovation. As a software expert and leader of the UK's premier restaurant management software company, Jaipal is a real driver in the business's quest to build smart, intuitive and modern functionality which reflects the needs of modern eating establishments.

You may be forgiven for thinking that software and innovation always go hand in hand; indeed, we think it should. But, sadly, there are examples of software products which, whilst cutting edge when new, now look tired, dated and lacking in investment today. Yet some of those products soldier on, getting slower, less stable and looking woefully out of date despite their vendors continuing to charge handsomely for them.

Sure, the early days of software were synonymous with innovation because there was nothing else available and a wow-factor was guaranteed among an impressed public. But that was decades ago and those original innovative technologies are, today, no longer innovative at all.

In many ways that's fine by us, because it makes Favouritetable stand head and shoulders above those obsolete products. But that's not a baseline we want to benchmark ourselves against and moreover we don't think it is fair that hard-working restaurant owners get lumbered with expensive, do-little products. 

Frankly, they deserve better and that takes us full circle to Jaipal's whole philosophy which he articulates so well in the interview. It is best summed up by Jaipal when he says, simply "We're passionate about restaurants". We hope you can tell.

At Favouriteable we believe in charging customers fairly for a great restaurant management system and re-investing in the product so that it remains fresh, ahead of its game and genuinely relevant to restaurateurs. Sit on our laurels we do not.


With that in mind, we're delighted to announce the latest in a long line of innovation at Favouritetable: Deliverect. Our technical boffins have been working behind the scenes on a fantastic new partnership with Deliverect, the leading web-based software which consolidates multiple ordering channels.

Deliverect integrates all your online orders to into Favouritetable, by managing multiple sales channels seamlessly and in real-time. It aggregates all online orders and synchronizes them with Favouritetable's restaurant management features. Isn't that neat?

With Deliverect and Favouritetable working together, restaurants can say goodbye to order errors, endless manual order reconciliations and data entry from different channels and instead say hello to huge time savings, greater customer satisfaction and more orders. We like to think of it as one connection with endless possibilities.

Our new partnership with Deliverect is another example of how innovation drives our business. Perhaps we should leave the last words to Jaipal:

"Innovation remains at the heart of the Favouritetable mission and we’re driven by two key factors: Our love of contemporary technology, and our drive to give customers product functionality that makes their lives easier in an intuitive and user-friendly way".

Restaurants wanting to take a look at this new innovation should contact us for a demo.

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