Your current provider may not want you, but we do!

by John Jones | Jan 24, 2024

We're aware that you may be one of thousands of restaurateurs feeling abandoned by a major restaurant software supplier right now. If so, please don't worry - we'd love to welcome you to the Favouritetable family.

We've put together a rescue package designed to:

1. assure a fast, disruption-free changeover
2. provide you with far better software & functionality
3. significantly reduce your costs (our monthly plans start at £69+VAT)
4. give you 100% satisfaction via a money back guarantee.

If you're feeling a little "once bitten, twice shy" right now, you should know that Favouritetable is a UK-based independent company specialising only in restaurant booking software, and we've been in business for over fifteen years. Our support is UK-based and you speak with real people.

We're passionate about helping restaurants and so, should you be looking for an immediate solution, please do get in touch. You can reach us at 020 7190 9585 or via

We'd love to hear from you.

Image by Anna from Pixabay