Helping restaurant owners manage Covid-19 efficiently

by Andre Delanchy | Sep 16, 2020

With Covid-19 guidelines changing frequently - and it looks like going into the winter flu season there may be more stringent restrictions coming into force – it is of paramount importance that restaurants be able to easily manage social distancing rules and how they communicate to their guests how they expect them to behave once arriving at the premises and what is in place to make the restaurant a safe environment.

In these unprecedented times when the industry needs to react quickly to changes required to meet the government Covid-19 guideline, it is good to know that technology can help make that process easier for restaurant operators.

Covid-19 guidelines

As it is of paramount importance to convey to your guests how you expect them to behave when they visit your restaurant, as well as explain what steps you have taken to make your premises as safe as possible to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection we can include any of that information in the booking email confirmation and booking email reminder.
We can also include links to your website for further information you wish to provide to your guests this functionality does not just benefit restaurant bookings. We offer the same degree of compliance with online ordering at every touch-point from ordering to collection.
Your Covid-19 guidelines can also be included in your booking / online ordering terms & conditions.
Social Distancing
Our enhanced algorithms allow you to create the best combination of tables and table groupings to ensure that you adhere to social distancing. For peace of mind, the rules are applied to both web and telephone reservations.

NHS Test & Trace
The favouritetable reservations system makes it easy to quickly compile contact information for all bookings, in case you need to provide information for NHS Test & Trace purpose.
This includes the ability to quickly capture details of walk-ins visiting your restaurant.

If you would like to know more about how favouritetable’s online reservations system can help you manage Covid-19 guidelines easily & pro-actively, please do get in touch: and we will be happy to discuss how we can best help your restaurant getting through these difficult times