New developments - a teaser!

by John Jones | Mar 23, 2022

When Jaipal started Favouritetable back in 2010, he had two things in mind: value and innovation. In those days restaurants could choose from a number of rather clunky solutions which were very expensive and, being a great programmer as well as MD, Jaipal decided that restaurants deserved better.

The rest is history and Favouritetable firmly established itself as the best value full-feature restaurant management system on the market. So, has anything changed in that time? Well, yes and no. 

Our commitment to charging a fair price hasn’t changed and never will - we don’t charge commission for bookings (nor handcuff customers to punitive and lengthy contracts, unlike newer arrivals to the market). Our software, on the other hand, has constantly evolved through a number of iterations driven by diners, restaurants and our own obsession with innovation. 

As we have often said in these blogs, software never stands still. At least, decent software doesn’t - it must constantly evolve in line with the changing technology appetite of consumers, the emergence of new technologies and thinking, the demands of the sector as a whole and of course the external environment. As any software company CEO will tell you, if a system is standing still in development terms, it is going backwards.

One of the seismic shifts we’ve all seen in the last couple of years is the way consumers interact and transact with restaurants, and how restaurants are re-visiting established norms and creating new ones. The rush for dine at home models plus the unfortunate growth of a no-show culture are two examples to which we have responded with ground-breaking functionality in our software. 

We’ve been providing restaurants with online booking, web-based pre-ordering and a payment gateway for some time, and more recently equipped our customers with the ability to take online deposits. 

So, why the big build-up?

For the last few weeks Jaipal’s development team has been locked in the bunker tasked with adding even more features to this area of the product. Their mission was to do the impossible and make it better, and your blog author can confirm they are about to deliver a belter. It’s a great example of software development never “being done” - innovation is a continual and exciting process. 

What’s coming, you ask? Well, we can’t give away too much right now but here’s what Favouritetable customers can expect:

  • Streamlined workflows in online transactions;
  • Greater usability, with fewer clicks for restaurant owners;
  • Some fabulous automated processes around transactions, bookings and house rules;
  • New system-generated communications with customers, to align with changing times. 

As if those aren’t enough, the team are also working on other exciting developments which are so secret that even your Favouriteable author hasn’t yet been allowed to see them. But here’s a clue: apps and integrations. 

Watch these pages for formal release dates, and if you are a customer of any other restaurant booking, reservation or management software then do get in touch for a personalised demo. We’ll even give you a free month in which we’ll prove that Favouritetable is the best value full-feature restaurant software on the market. 

Back to development - it is time to let the team out of the bunker for a breather, before they start innovating again. We just can’t stop them. 

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Image by Innova Labs from Pixabay