Pre-Ordering Checklist For Restaurants

by Manav Mathur | Oct 22, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, we understand the challenges that come with managing Christmas party bookings in your restaurant. 

Here's a handy pre-ordering checklist to help you get ready for the holiday rush:


✔️Automated reminder emails: For each party booking, set a ‘submission date’ for the order to be completed with all guests’ menu item choices. Automatically send a reminder email to the guest at regular intervals until the order has been completed in full.


️✔️Unlimited party menus: Create all menus ahead of time and apply to specific party booking size, selected dates or date range, specific times or time range. You can therefore create the right party menus to suit different budgets and pace for your kitchen.


✔️Table Layout Planning: Set up your restaurant floor plan in advance to accommodate large parties and create a comfortable dining experience.


✔️Protect your revenue: Party menus pre-ordering can be set to include a deposit (per guest or per booking) or credit card details to secure the deposit. This is a great way to reduce instances of no-shows and late cancellations, based on the booking’s terms & condition that you define.


✔️Seating Arrangements: Pre-assign tables for group bookings to eliminate any confusion on the big day.


✔️Special Dietary Requests: Customise menu options to cater to different dietary preferences and allergies.


✔️Kitchen sheets: Pre-order reports that can be printed for the kitchen team. This helps your kitchen to manage orders with suppliers more efficiently, improve mise en place requirements on busy party days and as a result reduces wastage.


✔️Pricing and Packages: Clearly define pricing, special packages, and any special offers you plan to provide during the holiday season.


✔️Place cards: Print place cards for each guest, with the name of the guest and their menu selection. These cards can be placed on the table to provide a nice extra ‘personal touch’. 

Favouritetable - the system with pre-ordering can simplify all of the above and make this festive season truly enjoyable for your guests and staff.

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