Squirrel kebab anyone?

by John Jones | Oct 16, 2023

We want to get to the heart of issues that inform the restaurant sector and so would like to invite you to answer this month’s Favouritetable ‘Big Question’ – a unique, quirky or crucial topic of the month that’s making headlines across the UK. 


This month… 

Could invasive species put your menu on the map? Squirrel, crayfish and Japanese knotweed are just some of the items reportedly being served up by a London restaurant with an appetite for controlling invasive species. 

Silo in east London has a menu aimed at helping tackle ‘invasive species’ in the UK – otherwise known as non-native organisms – by turning them into what they claim are tasty meals. 

The invasive organisms in question are said to be causing huge damage to the British countryside but, according to Doug McMaster, Creator of Silo, Japanese knotweed is "identical in flavour to rhubarb while Squirrel is delicious and 1,000 times more sustainable than what you can purchase in supermarkets." 

Doug says he wants the government and industry to consider how invasive species could become an environmentally-friendly source of food in the future. 

Our Big Question – Would you put invasive species on the menu?


Image by Freepik