The Big Question’ – are you struggling with mental health issues?

by John Jones | Jan 18, 2024

We want to get to the heart of issues that inform the restaurant sector and so would like to invite you to answer our Favouritetable ‘Big Question’ – a unique, quirky or crucial topic that’s making headlines across the UK.

This time…

4 out of 5 hospitality professionals have reportedly experienced at least one mental health issue during their career.

Long hours, tough environmental conditions and pressures to perform are just some of the challenges hospitality professionals are fighting against daily.

Does the restaurant trade take a particular toll on owners and workers’ mental health? Is it tougher than other businesses in this respect? Have you found help? Should more be done to support mental health needs in restaurant sector? Do you take any particular action to your and others’ wellbeing, or have any top tips on how to counter mental health challenges?

Our Big Question – ‘Are you or your restaurant staff suffering from mental health issues?’

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