The Big Question July 2023 Update

by Manav Mathur | Aug 15, 2023

The Noes have it – restauranteurs vote overwhelmingly against menus having to cater for every dietary need!


A big thank you to all of our customers who were able to participate in Favouritetable’s first ‘Big Question,’ a new initiative where each month we ask for your opinions on a new and developing issue impacting the UK restaurant sector. 


In July we asked if you believed ‘restaurant menus should cater for every dietary need or belief?’ 


There were some strong feelings expressed on the subject and the results showed: 


76% of respondents voted NO, restaurant menus should not cater for every dietary need or belief 

24% of restaurateurs voted YES, restaurant menus should cater for every dietary need or belief 


Among some of the comments received on this Big Q: 


A YES campaigner noted: ‘Although not always possible I do feel it [menus] should cater for as many requirements as possible.’  


Another YES said: ‘The menu in Beirut Restaurant contains vegan, vegetarian, spicy, allergy, grills, seafood and casserole – we are trying to cover every single thing.’ 


But the NOES were overwhelmingly against this idea, with one voter commenting: ‘We have our own restrictions for ingredients, chef skills and availability of ingredients,’ while another added: ‘A chef can adapt some dishes for a vegan person, but they can’t pretend the whole world will become vegan!’ 


Other NOES continued: ‘It is almost impossible to cater for all needs without completely changing the taste of dishes. We have altered most of our recipes to try to accommodate as much as possible. 


A final NO voter concluded: ‘If you don’t like the menu on offer, don’t go in to dine.’  


Jaipal Yadav, MD of Favouritetable, notes: “The subject of restaurants catering to different demands is clearly a very hot topic for our clients and, I suspect, many other hospitality businesses across the UK. 


“Whatever your customers’ needs we highly recommend using an effective software booking reservation system to ensure the issue of what diners do, or don’t want on their menus is never a problem again.” 


Watch out for the next Favouritetable Big Question and be sure to join in the conversation and have your say! 


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