When is a booking not a booking?

by John Jones | Feb 21, 2022

Despite the rise of online booking for restaurant customers, many still prefer to telephone the restaurant to reserve their table. Being a friendly bunch, restaurateurs have gotten used to customers wanting a quick chat followed by questions like “have you got room on the 5th Jan at 6pm, for six people?”  . 

The answer is usually along the lines of “hmmm. Let me have a look…”, whereupon the restaurant owner or manager will log into their expensive restaurant management software and have to go through the process of half starting a booking, before the system will tell them “computer says no” (or yes, as the case may be) and they have to continue their game of booking enquiry roulette by starting over.

That’s fine for restaurateurs with lots of time on their hands, and ok if they are happy to use software with such limited functionality. But really it is a very inefficient way to mine the system for availability.

Thankfully, there is a much better method. With favouritetable, monthly subscribers get a full-function and great value restaurant management system which allows them to easily deal with telephone reservation enquiries, without having to start the booking process. 

Using the Booking Enquiry module, restaurateurs can easily see availability for the customer's preferred date (or even a range of dates), and if there is none the system will even show alternatives. But our development team haven’t stopped there: with favouritetable, the software will allow the business to hold booking slots mid-enquiry, so that customers can return and confirm later. 

As well as being a great way to record customer enquiries and lead them to a firm booking, this easy method creates a warm environment for a telephone dialogue with customers conducive to them returning time and time again. The restaurateur, on the other hand, benefits from a super-easy behind-the-scenes tool to underpin the conversation and ensure the sale is secured.

So, if you are a restaurateur frustrated by the long-winded booking enquiry process of your existing software, we’d love you to have a look at favouritetable today. If you would like an online demo with a real UK-based person, we can do that. But if you prefer to try before you buy, we also offer a month’s use of the system for free. 

It could be the great value and full-feature restaurant management system you’ve been looking for!

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