Why Having an Online Table Ordering System is essential to your Restaurant success?

by favouritetable | Jan 29, 2019

In this article, we will explore why an Online Table Ordering System is essential for any successful restaurant regardless of its size. The system can change the business process and customers’ buying behaviours. 


There are many reasons to have a Table Ordering System here are five of the most important reasons “Why an Online Table Ordering System is essential for your successful Restaurant”.


  1. Staff efficiency is increased:
    While taking a booking over the phone, there are many possibilities for error, like misunderstanding the guest's information. It can also be a time-consuming process for the staff. An online booking system will not only get the right information but will also create a seamless booking experience for the guest.
  2. An efficient way to manage tables:
    A long wait at the restaurant door can be an annoying experience for the guest which can also lead to negative feedbacks. An Online Table Booking System can manage tables online and only will allow bookings based on the restaurant capacity. Hence, a restaurant will never be overbooked.
  3. Flexibility:
    When a guest can use her smartphone to make bookings, chances are the restaurant will get more guests especially when optimised to appear on geographical search results. With Online Table Booking, restaurant visitors can book their table from anywhere at any time without calling the restaurant.
  4. Capturing guest preferences:
    An online booking system can easily and accurately capture customer preferences, thus providing an opportunity for the restaurant to personalise the guest experience. Restaurants can also capture data about special occasions and birthdays which will help in creating targeted marketing materials for the restaurants.
  5. Powerful Analytical reports:
    Analytical reports can help understand customer buying behaviours, such as day and time of bookings, booking frequencies, most ordered dishes, etc. 

    This will help optimise the restaurant's revenue.


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