Your move to Favouritetable will be as easy as 1,2,3…

by Suteja Rao | Jan 29, 2019

Over the years, 50% of our clients have moved to our booking system from software that they have been using for many years. So, we have developed a process to make the move as smooth and easy for the customers as possible. It just takes 3 steps…


We usually have a demo of our software where we answer all your questions. When you are completely convinced that is the right Table Booking System for you, we sign an SLA explaining all our contractual commitment. After this, it is a walk in the park to get our software running and working for you. In fact, our record has been 45 minutes, from the minute a customer has called us to enquire about our system to installing a running software with all their data ready to use.


1) Configure

The first step is to configure our system with all the necessary set up which will be unique to your restaurant and you. We will talk with you every step of the way and since our software runs on the cloud, there is absolutely no need to download anything.


2) Training

The next step is to train all the staff who will be using the software on a day to day basis. The software itself is very intuitive and the training will be a quick process. After all we are here to answer your queries or train more of your staff in the future if you need to. We also would need to decide on a Go Live date, when you will be switching from your existing software vendor to us.


3) Go Live!

The final step is to transfer all your existing data onto our software after which you can start using our software for your booking. The time it takes to transfer data depends on how much data you have but will not usually take more than an hour. So that’s it as easy as 1,2,3. 

We promise to make your journey as easy and smooth as possible and we are here for you after that to help you on your way. After all we are here for the long haul!

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