Fast, safe and secure reservation card payments

Get paid or take deposits by credit and debit card right at the time of booking. You love the excitement of running a restaurant, delighting your customers and serving great food & drink. But what really matters to you, above all else, is getting paid. With Favouritetable you’re in safe hands, because you can take in-booking payments and deposits faster and smarter than any other system so you need never worry about being paid again.

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Built for restaurants

Favouritetable’s Card Payments is designed specifically for the restaurant industry and integrated within our five-star rated table reservations system, leaving you to focus on delighting guests while your transactions arrive seamlessly.

Just look at what you get with Favouritetable.


  • tick1Take deposits during the online reservation process
  • tick2Deposit paid is recorded against diner’s FT record
  • tick3Money taken is sent immediately to your bank
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Full Payments

  • tick4Your own payment check-out on your website
  • tick5Full settlement at the time of booking
  • tick6Accepts all major credit cards
  • tick7Instant payment to your bank
  • tick8Card can be used to charge for no-shows
  • tick9Send refunds

Scheduling & rules

  • tick10Works to your business model
  • tick11You decide the rules and behaviours
  • tick12Specify how much & when
  • tick13Create recurring rules
  • tick14Set & forget
  • tick15Simple and effective
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Part of a fully integrated restaurant management system

With the right online table booking system you can reach more diners, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. We believe restaurants need a complete range of management tools - all in one highly flexible system. That’s why Online Booking is one of the three key pillars of a Favouritetable subscription, which also comprises the Reservation System and full, caring support.

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FT Payments - Powered by stripe2

  • tick14Proven, safe & secure
  • tick15Works in minutes
  • tick16Millions of users worldwide
  • tick17Multi currency
  • tick1899% uptime
  • tick19No need to open a Stripe account

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