With so many restaurants table booking channels available worldwide, it can be difficult for busy restaurateurs to know which to choose. One solution stands out, however, as the must-have for all food & beverage business: Reserve With Google.

As a Google Partner, we have created a seamless connection with Reserve with Google, the fastest-growing reservations channel on the web. Now you can connect directly to the biggest reservation channel and watch your business grow.

Reserve With Google

Google is the defacto search tool for over 4.3 billion users worldwide, including would-be restaurant diners. Now, Google has leveraged its number one position to include a super tool which answers the needs of over one billion online restaurant searches each month and gets those bookings pouring in. The great thing about Reserve With Google is its sheer power for independent restaurants wanting the most impact as part of a cohesive package of technology, including their Favouritetable system, without committing huge amounts of budget.



  • High performing sales channel with significant return on investment
  • Helps to create more bookings, increase revenue and boost profits
  • Included free with your Google My Business profile
  • Eliminates the need for expensive commission-based systems
  • Expands restaurants' marketing reach to thousands of potential diners
  • Very high online visibility
  • Connects directly with Favouritetable and is included in your subscription

What does it do?

Reserve With Google adds a highly visible and effective customer-facing booking tool to your Google listing.

New bookings in 3 steps


Reserve A Table


Date & Time


Booking secured
Sent to Favouritable

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Reserve With Google

  • Adds a prominant “reserve table” button to your Google My Business profile and map
  • Allows customers to choose dates, times and book
  • The reservation is sent directly to your Favouritetable system, for free

Who is it for?

Reserve With Google is perfect for restaurants, pubs, cafes and bars.

How do I get it?

Simply contact us at Favouritetable and we'll have you up and running in no time.