5 steps guide to increase positive online reviews for restaurant

by favouritetable | Feb 12, 2019

Online reviews are very basic but strategically very important for both sellers and buyers. Generally, sellers look at reviews of the products and services before they make their decision which means reviews have abilities to influence buying behaviours, especially with restaurants. However, reviews are more important for restaurants because if guests are not happy with one thing i.e. service or food, they might not distinguish while reviewing the restaurant. It can create a negative impact on the overall business. Hence, collecting positive reviews is strategically important for restaurants.

So, how to increase online positive reviews? Follow our 5 steps guide to have more positive online reviews for your restaurant.   

1. Review Invitation to your regular guests:

If you have a database of your regular guests who already happy with your food and service and you have already developed a positive relationship with them, you can invite them to leave a positive review for you. Even, you can request to leave a positive review to these regular guests when they visit your restaurant as they already have established the relationship with you, so they will not be offended. Also, these guests will be keen to talk about your food and service and will spread positive words for you.

2. Building relationships with guests:

When your restaurant business is new, you don’t have many regular guests. So, building relationships and having a long list of regular guests is a long-time process. Hence, the key to have these guests is that you must start building regular guests list from day one and keep trying to create a positive relationship with them. To do this, the software can help you as it can capture guests’ data including their some special occasions like birthday, anniversaries. Once you have such information, you can start building up a positive relationship with your guests.

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3. Engagement with existing reviewers:

The engagement, especially in online word, is the key to grow your business. A regular reply to your reviews for both positive and negative can help you in two ways. First, when you reply to positive reviewers, they will not only appreciate it but also most likely will visit you again. Second, if you got a negative review and if you promise for better in future, it will spread positive views about you. Hence, connecting personal level is one of the key strategies to increase positive reviews for your restaurants.

4. Partner with Reviews management software:

If you are using any Software for table bookings it should have a functionality of review management. With such functionality, the restaurant owner can review and can differentiate between review and feedback. Also, such software can encourage guests to review your restaurant. It will not only help to increase positive reviews but also will increase customer engagement.

5. Regular updating your business profile:

Most restaurants have their business profiles on many platforms like TripAdvisor, and on social media. However, regular updating is the key to attract more visitors. Restaurateurs should update pictures, contents, etc. which will encourage guests to review your restaurants. Social media profile and engagement with guests on these social media platforms are a part of the branding, and guests are encouraged to review your site when they feel it is updated and relevance to others.      

Therefore, to create and maintain your restaurant’s reputation, a fair amount of reviews is required; and your marketing strategy should have this question and plan-How to increase positive review for your restaurant.