by favouritetable | Feb 13, 2019

Recent studies revealed that 78% of consumers appreciate management when they respond to their reviews. Other studies suggest 9 out 10 buyers see an online review before making any decision. As per Cone research, 4 out of 5 customers reverse their decision after reading a negative review. In this article, we will talk about why you should respond to reviews?

Respond to Positive review

In general, we don’t respond to positive reviews. However, responding to positive reviews is a risk-free strategy and has many important benefits as followings:

1.  Building up a positive relationship

The relationship with the buyer is a first-in-class strategy to grow sustainably. When you appreciate positive reviewers, they remember it for long and consider it a personal relationship. Also, your response to their review shows that you really appreciate their time and efforts and overall you care for them.

2. More revisit, more business

When you respond to positive reviewers, you can mention the dish name which will show others as well. In this case, you could encourage them to revisit your restaurant to taste new dishes; and prospective guests also could know what special you are serving. Overall, this strategy will help you have more repeated and new guests mean more business.

3. Show what people like about you

Often, we see reply to only negative reviews. In this case, most negative reviews are on the top of all reviews. But when you reply to positive reviews as well, then visitors see many positive sides of your business. It is a winning marketing strategy where huge investment is not required.


Respond to Negative review

It is a very common perception that responding to negative reviews will reduce their impact, but it can have reverse and worst affect as well. However, you can respond to resealable guests if they have provided enough information or reviewed wrongly by mistake. There are some benefits to respond to negative feedback as below:

1. Show your efforts

When you reply to reasonable negative reviews, shows that you are making the right efforts to serve better food and service. It will create a positive perception about your business especially to prospective users who are looking for your reviews.

2. Showing correct information

Sometimes, guests make mistake while reviewing the restaurant. In this case, you can request them to rectify the mistake which will encourage then change their negative reviews. Also, it will help to new visitors that they have correct information about your business and are not misleading.

3. Resolve the issue

Responding to some negative reviews can resolve the issue. The restaurant manager might not find some hidden issues in the business, but some correct negative review can reveal these issues. It is a great opportunity for the restaurant manager to have the plan to resolve such issues and make the business more user-friendly.


Timely responding to your reviews, you can minimise the damage of negative reviews and maximise the benefits of positive reviews. Don’t not afraid of telling your viewpoints and stories when you reply to both positive and negative reviews.