Starter SEO Tips for Restaurants

So, you have now done all the hard work of setting up your restaurant, hiring the staff and the décor looks fantastic. You have also created a website to showcase your awesome menu. But how do you get people to come on your website and then to your restaurant? How can you get connected to the customers who are looking for you?  Research shows that 89% of smartphone owners have immediate p... read more

Let your customers do the marketing for your Restaurant 

Your customers are a potent marketing vehicle for your restaurant if you can get them to talk about your restaurant to their family and friends. According to Nielson 92% of people trust recommendations from family and friend than any other form of advertising.   Since Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is essentially free marketing for you, it is useful to create a strategy as part of your mark... read more


Recent studies revealed that 78% of consumers appreciate management when they respond to their reviews. Other studies suggest 9 out 10 buyers see an online review before making any decision. As per Cone research, 4 out of 5 customers reverse their decision after reading a negative review. In this article, we will talk about why you should respond to reviews? Respond to Positive review In gen... read more

7 Reasons why every Restaurant needs a cloud-based Reservation System.

A recent Maru/edr survey, found that 49% of diners will go online before they visit a restaurant. So, what can the restaurant business do to get the attention of around half of their customers who are visiting sites before they have even stepped foot in a restaurant?  The two principle reasons for the customers to go online are to check out menus and to book a table – and capturing those re... read more

Marketing Hacks for running a Restaurant: Customer Segmentation

Running a profitable restaurant takes a lot of hard work. After creating a fantastic product with a lot of thought gone into the recipe and presentation of the food, it is now time to bring your product to the right customers.  Reaching the right customers and then persuading them to visit your restaurant again and again, is a growing challenge. With so many choices for the customers, how w... read more

5 steps guide to increase positive online reviews for restaurant

Online reviews are very basic but strategically very important for both sellers and buyers. Generally, sellers look at reviews of the products and services before they make their decision which means reviews have abilities to influence buying behaviours, especially with restaurants. However, reviews are more important for restaurants because if guests are not happy with one thing i.e. service or f... read more

Your move to Favouritetable will be as easy as 1,2,3…

Over the years, 50% of our clients have moved to our booking system from software that they have been using for many years. So, we have developed a process to make the move as smooth and easy for the customers as possible. It just takes 3 steps…   We usually have a demo of our software where we answer all your questions. When you are completely convinced that is the right Table Booking Syste... read more

Why Online Table Booking Software is essential to your Restaurant success?

In this article, we will explore why an Online Table Booking Software is essential for any successful restaurant regardless of its size. The system can change the business process and customers’ buying behaviours.    There are many reasons to have an Online Table Booking Software here are five of the most important reasons “Why an Online Table Booking Software is essential for your successfu... read more